Strategic Commander Software Axis Support (free,alpha) with vJoy


Updated for lastest vJoy version 2.1.6 for Win8

Step by step Instructions:

Step 1:

If your machine doesn't recognise the Strategic Commander, install Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander

driver​ (HID complaint device / USB device) included in Strategic Engine 1.3 by Philip Merwarth. (link below)

Step 2:

Install vJoy 2.1.6 by Shaul Eizikovich (link below)         

Configure Vjoy for at least 12 buttons and X Y Z axis as target device 1.

You may need restart your computer after install and configure.

Step 3:

Download and run the Strategic Commander Axis Support Software and your device should support the analoge axis. (green download button below)

Link to Strategic Engine 1.3: download

Link to vJoy 2.1.6: download

It was a lot of work to bring the Strategic Commander back alive! Please donate if you like this software.

If you have any ideas or suggestions:

Special thanks to Philip Merwarth and Shaul Eizikovich!